Chains of Fury is a Metroidvania Boomer Shooter
inspired by Hellboy & Lobo comics
and XIII or Void Bastards games.

Bring bloody mayhem to the alien scumbags.
They puffed You on cash. They locked You up.
They will Die.

This game is not for you if you want to save the world and become the hero everyone needs.

Move along, we have an anti-hero bad-ass over here, ready to compete for the title of The Meanest Bastard Ever. His testosterone can only be measured in Fury scale, his death toll is unknown and the amount of bullets he'd shot is uncountable.

He's a hired gun. His former clients had put him in prison instead of paying him for a job well done. He's furious, he's skilled, he's got mean weapons and an even meaner mustache.

It's nothing personal. It's just business.

Key Features
Destructible walls - keys are for wimps. Smash your way through.

Hidden Secrets - loads of easter eggs & secrets wait to be found.

Retro inspired - Duke Nukem 3D, DOOM, Quake. We shoot for the top.

Dark Humor - we'd love to be able to say we're friends with Lobo, but... He'd pull our teeth out with his hook. At best. We hope. Sorry.

Fabulous moustache - being a mercenary does not mean you cannot look dashing and handsome like Peter Krylov.

Split screen multiplayer - help a buddy or kick his ass. Whatever.

Chains of Fury is a unique Metroidvania Boomer Shooter.

Inspired by Hellboy and Lobo comics along with XIII and Void Bastards games, it aims to give players a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Heavily influenced by retro FPS games it brings the character design inspiration of Duke Nukem 3D, movement guidelines of Quake and DOOM, and unique comic-book style graphics based on 90's hits such as Lobo.

Nearly three decades on, the spirit of 1996 is somehow still with us, and we are not letting go. Neither should you.





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